Thursday, April 3, 2014

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

For my second beyond-class assignment I bought the children's animated musical Frozen on Itunes. I thought that it would make a great piece to watch because we have explored poetry, screenplays, and short stories. However, we haven't explored a musical. What a choice it was! Frozen is a spectacular picture that could entertain people of all ages! It's the story of an energized optimist named Anna who grows up in a castle with her sister Elsa and is forbidden to interact with her. The sisters were separated after Elsa's mysterious ability to freeze things pricks Anna's innocent mind. After being treated by trolls, the girls parents separated the two to keep Elsa from striking her little sister in the heart; which would kill her unless saved by an act of true love.
Sadly, after the parents were killed in a shipwreck, the castle doors were closed until Elsa became of age to rule the kingdom. When the gates were opened, Anna, fearless and excited, rushes to her sister to introduce her to new beau Hans who has just proposed. Furious, Elsa loses control of her powers and freezes the land. As a result, Elsa flees with the whole town after her. Frozen is about the journey that Anna takes to find not only her sister, but also herself. It was a miraculous film that I would recommend to any and everyone. I think, more so now, that musicals and animations, as such, should be included in the Intro to Lit classes. They were all based off of literature such as Grimm's Fairty Tales anyway. 

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  1. All of my friends have been absolutely "fangirling" over how cute of a movie Frozen was but I have yet to see it. I went to Redbox a few weeks ago with a friend and I saw that Frozen was one of the choices but we decided to watch a scary movie instead. As soon as these last few days of school are over I'm going to have to watch it for myself!